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The professional advisors at AmeriTax Services consider taxes to be a year-round concern that is not restricted to April 15th. Unlike other tax consultants, we contact you to offer suggestions or financial advice when it is most beneficial to you, no matter the date. Although the strengths of those who prepare taxes vary, choosing the best for your business should be a conscientious decision. At AmeriTax Services, we focus on the small business and self-employed. Our goal at AmeriTax Services is to help you achieve success. While you focus on growing your business, we will work around the clock to keep you up-to-date on tax issues, financial opportunities, and ensure you receive every legitimate deduction because you and your business are our priority.

Determining the best tax strategy for your business demands attention year round. With AmeriTax Services, your personal tax advisor will create the tax plan that best fits your business and will provide advice throughout the year to ensure that your business retains all possible earnings. Our business tax plan has helped thousands of small business and self-employed individuals keep more of what they earn. We do this by educating you on all the legal deductions to which you are entitled and by helping you plan and implement strategies for success.

What corporate business strategies can AmeriTax Service provide?

Your business depends on your being fully aware of every aspect of its operation, including the tax plans needed to take advantage of every financial opportunity. It's simply a smart business decision to have a professionally created tax strategy in place, and this can be achieved by working with someone who is knowledgeable about corporate tax law. A business tax specialist within AmeriTax Services has all the experience necessary to help you and your business succeed. We will help you create and implement a strategic financial plan.

We can assist from the very beginning and can help you establish your business corporate entity. Our specialists will work with you from the start and make sure you avoid the costly mistakes that can lead to disaster. We're eager to help you and your business succeed, and we look forward to partnering with you.

What are my benefits of membership with AmeriTax Services?

The businesses and individuals with whom we work enjoy the lowest tax payments allowable under law. Our clients receive the benefits of our continual efforts to reduce the taxes they owe, and we work with them throughout the year and not just meet with them once a year.

The membership benefits our clients receive include the following:
  • Year-round consulting on tax issues
  • An annual, personalized tax plan and tax strategy
  • Full tax preparation services
  • Assistance with establishment of business entity
  • Consulting and preparing of documents of incorporation
  • Annual financial fitness review and coaching session (or by arrangement)
  • Exclusive website content for members only

What strategies or recommendations can AmeriTax Services make?

While every business is different and has unique needs, all of our tax saving strategies can result in reduced taxes. We achieve this by devising plans that reduce your taxes on:
  • Income, so you keep more of what you earn
  • Gifts, which allow you to give more freely and generously
  • Investments that let you accumulate wealth more quickly
  • Retirement distributions that help you retire without worries

Some tax strategies we employ to our clients allows them to shift expenses or earnings between years so they are taxed during a more favorable time, finding ways to use income to pay for vacation homes and other things our clients enjoy. Our ultimate goal is successful happy clients. We work with you and your business to ensure financial betterment.

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