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When you decide to incorporate your business, many seemingly small decisions can have significant tax consequences that you may overlook. A small business tax professional with AmeriTax Services knows how to set up your corporation so that you can achieve and maintain the maximum tax advantages.

While many people can gain a decent, working understanding of the tax laws governing individuals, the same cannot be said for the intricacies of corporate tax law. Further, the legal requirements for record retention may be quite different for corporations than for individuals, and even seemingly minor differences in how a corporation's tax strategy is conducted can have major effects.

With the chances of unexpected tax liabilities and penalties so great, incorporating your business should be done with an experienced small business tax advisor with AmeriTax Services. Since the individual, not the advisor, is legally obligated for the information contained on the forms submitted to the IRS, you need to choose an advisor you know you can trust.

We can explain to you all the benefits of incorporation and make sure that yours is established on a solid footing. We will make sure you understand how your business is structured and, more importantly, why it was set up that way. Instead of just filing and forgetting, AmeriTax Services will stay in contact with you all year, which gives your business the best chances for increased profitability.

We would be delighted to meet you and discuss your plans during an initial consultation without any cost or obligation to you. Please contact us to learn how AmeriTax Services differs from others and how we can maximize your earnings while keeping your taxes in order. Our only interest is your company's solid well-being, and we work to insure your interests and financial health are as strong as possible.

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